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Architect, Landscape Urbanist, Computational Designer



Architect, Urban Planner


Architect, Computational Designer

Who are we?

IM-A (Intelligent Morphology in Architecture)

We are a young creative studio where we love working with computational methods and are always ready for new challenges. We got together in London, finding the common passion for coding and architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture then transforming into a design studio.


What do we believe in?

We believe in logic, experimentation and intuition. 


What are we working on?

The studio works on various scales, combining research, sustainability, advanced technologies and digital fabrication in architecture and design.


Furthermore, we enjoy not only the design process but a technical aspect as well.  We passion about finding optimal solutions for complex problems, building unique aesthetics, develop fabrication technics, run urban or structural analysis and do impossible things on the first view. We like to solve things for our or your design.


What do we offer?

- Computational design and modelling

- Grasshopper+rhino scripting and support for your projects

- Architectural and landscape consultancy

- Research into the future of technologies in architecture and connection between the worlds of human, nature and machines.


Please, contact us if you are interested in collaboration.



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