Inhalable Matter
  • Inhalable Matter

    Project Team: Katya Bryskina, Nataly Nemkova, Alexander Khadziakou

    In this project, we are looking into how urban and natural is being intersected and coexist to improve quality of life in the city. I'M / Inhalable Matter is a symbiosis of philosophy, nature, biology and technologies. I'M is a synthesis of different technologies and a required update for existing spaces as an additional multifunctional layer that could be added to the existing buildings in dense cities. With the help of plants it purifies the air, humidifies and creates an environment good for people. All plants are interconnected with mycorrhizal networks to be healthier. Both human and plant system's experience is important. I'M sensors track air quality such as humidity and temperature to adjust system performance. It also reads plant's bio-impulses and converts them into the light signals so that the system can report its mood. It reintroduces nature in a very sensitive way where the true nature principals merge with human requirements.