Robotic fabrication on architectural scales
  • Robotic fabrication on architectural scales

    Project Team: Katya Bryskina, José M. Cherem ( EmTech, Architectural Association, 2016-2017 )

    This investigation was to research design flexibility, high-level customization, new material application and to consider a wide variety of architectural solutions.
    This research proposes a layer-by-layer additive manufacturing (AM) multi-robotic construction method which uses clay as the main building material. The proposed method uses the granular support material as a ramp through which the robots can access the top layer of the printed structure in order to print over it the subsequent layer. Although large amounts of support material are required for this method, once the printed structure has cured the supports are removed and reused for other structures, therefore generating no material waste. This method makes it possible to build large clay structures with a team of relatively small cooperative mobile robots. The proposed robotic units are designed from a synthesis of off-the-shelf devices which are currently widely available.