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A work of art, a place to keep your personal small items and a sustainable carbon storage all in one beautiful object in the same place. YPCS is designed with our signature approach to generative design and 3D printed using PLA that contains mussel shells.


Mussels in particular can be sustainably farmed, are a good source of nutrients and  have the surprising ability to store CO2 inside their shells when growing, thus contributing to lowering carbon emissions. 


This seafood is present in local cuisine in almost every continent, yet after consumption the mussel shells are usually simply discarded, releasing the stored CO2 back into the environment. Instead, returning them to the water or repurposing them as a bio-material ensures that the carbon footprint of their life cycle does not increase. Your Personal Carbon Storage provides a beautiful solution alternative by using a mussel-based PLA in the 3D printing process.


Your Personal Carbon Storage Poster is produced on-demand as we believe in responsible production methods. Pre-order yours now and receive it within 60 days! 



  • Carbon storage

    Currently, each storage stores 20 gramms of CO2. This amounts to 1 km emissions from a car ride and would take 1,5 days for a tree to remove it from the athmosphere. Having more objects from our collection at home helps you to prevent releasing it back into athmosphere. If you want to suport our material research to improve the amount of mussels used, please contact us 

£60.00 Regular Price
£50.00Sale Price
Pre-order for 20.06.23
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