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Shifting Arctic Boundaries


IM-A studio(Nataly Khadziakova(Nemkova)), Panayota Fyta


This project looks critically to one of the latest colonization project on the planet - the appropriation of local resources and development of the arctic zone. This touch upon a very challenging theme of indigenous cultures and the confrontation between contrasting notions of territory by the so called «western» thinking and indigenous thinking. Our project intends to produce a designed mechanism,-based on a variety of existing and designed physical boundaries, by which land management, the introduction of new land usages and their seasonal changing boundaries , can be accessed, built and negotiated by relevant local actors/people. We chose Tommerneset peninsula in Northern Norway as our study area, where four new big ports developments are now planned and where anticipate disruptions in the historically Skolt Sami territory will need to be addressed for the foreseeable future.


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