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IM-A Studio is a female-led artistic research practice envisioning the future of living and looking for a third entity between nature and technology. The studio's work incorporates cutting-edge technologies, bio-based material research and speculative narratives to poetically explore our possible futures through the medium of art. 


IM-A Studio investigates the intersection between art, architecture and design through a diverse range of mediums and variable scales, from spatial installations and landscapes to conceptual artefacts. The studio aims to manifest nature through symbiotic relationships between the synthetic and the living, circular design strategies and context-sensitive technologies. 


The studio creates objects and systems using artificial and natural elements to supplement existing ecosystems and overcome ecological crises. The studio’s projects investigate the interconnectivity between the different layers of the Earth, from the micro to macro perspectives, on a microbial to planetary scale. 


Collective learning, knowledge exchange and teaching are key values of IM-A Studio’s mission to reveal the uncanny beauty of architecture and design disciplines while developing new methodologies through research and experimentation. Katya Bryskina and Nataly Nemkova have taught at UCL Bartlett B-Pro, Architectural Association, Warsaw University of Technology, Digital Futures, Strelka Institute, ITMO University, Yak Tak and EASA.


Katya Bryskina is an artist and experimental architect. She combines digital fabrication and inspirations from biology to bring eco-systemic thought and aesthetics to the future of living. She holds a Master's Degree in Emergent Technology and Design from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (London, UK). She was a researcher at The New Normal think-tank at Strelka Institute (Moscow, RU), a resident at SPACE10, IKEA's research and design lab (Copenhagen, DE), and Non-Extractive Architecture at V-A-C Foundation (Venice, IT). She has exhibited and presented her work internationally in addition to teaching and publications. 

Nataly Nemkova is an architect and landscape urbanist. She has a strong interest in interactive environments and new approaches to architecture. Her works have been marked at international competitions, including YAC and Leonardo. Nataly holds an MSc from Architectural Association, Landscape Urbanism programme, then working for the international office Gustafson-Porter+Bowman. Speaker at the AA symposium Design Agency within Earth Systems. 


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