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Collective learning, knowledge exchange and teaching are key values of IM-A Studio’s mission to reveal the uncanny beauty of art, architecture and design disciplines while developing new methodologies through research and experimentation.

Katya Bryskina and Nataly Khadziakova(Nemkova) have taught at UCL Bartlett B-Pro, Architectural Association, Warsaw University of Technology, Digital Futures, Strelka Institute, ITMO University, Yak Tak and EASA. 

Current educational theme: 

Nature Machine explores a third entity between nature and technology. Nature constantly adjusts to novel conditions and provides the tools to maintain the balance between urbanisation and living systems. The unit investigates the interconnectivity between the different layers of the Earth, from micro to macro perspectives, on a microbial to planetary scale.

Nature Machine looks into the lifecycle of imagined bio-infrastructures: material resources and their sustainable and ethical value, fabrication methods, appropriate lifespan, and after-life decomposition. We want to explore how human and non-human agents with different operation timeframes occupy the same space.  


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