• LLand

    Project Team: Katya Bryskina, Nataly Nemkova, Alexander Khadziakou

    The LLand proposal for the square is a multi functional structure that holds inside artistic residence, gallery space, a cafe and vertical garden. The goal of the project is to bring the community together and create a multipurpose, public space.
    Lanzarote's white architecture surrounded by volcanic environment was an inspiration for. the design process. The colors, structure and shape of the proposal resembles the volcanoes and caves of Lanzarote, while the structural element chosen - Cairo Pentagon reminds of lava cracks. The lightweight structure is providing shade and green spaces needed so much in the local hot climate. Pentagon unit has three different types, aggregated in self- supporting structure with different zoning. This structural logic makes it functional, provides variable density and easy to build. The structure can also change spatially by removing or adding more elements.
    Functionality of the structure changes according to the needs of the square or even daily. It can hold artistic exhibition, local markets, workshops and concerts. Multilevel structure provides green environment on all levels with vertical garden additionally different local communities could participate in growing process.